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Cover by Lawrence Sterne Stevens for Super Science Stories, April 1949.

Super Science Stories was a pulp sf prozine published from March, 1940, to August, 1951, for a total run of 31 issues. During March, 1941 to August, 1941, it was titled Super Science Novels Magazine. The magazine was not published during 1944–48.

It had a fan section, "The Science Fictioneers," that tried to organize readers under this name.

The editors were Frederik Pohl (1940–41), Alden H. Norton (1941–43), and Ejler Jakobsson (1949–51).

Super Science Stories was a companion magazine to Astonishing Stories, published during 1941–43, that also had Pohl and Norton as editors. During its second run in 1949–51, Super Science Stories was a companion magazine to Famous Fantastic Mysteries and Fantastic Novels, all published by Popular Publications, New York.

When Pohl was editor, he filled the magazine with stories by himself and his fellow Futurians, including Isaac Asimov, Donald Wollheim, James Blish, Damon Knight, Robert Lowndes, Richard Wilson, and Cyril Kornbluth, writing under their own names and a variety of pseudonyms.

Popular SF writers who had stories published in Super Science Stories included Poul Anderson, Leigh Brackett, Ross Rocklynne, L. Sprague de Camp, P. Schuyler Miller, Fredric Brown, A. E. van Vogt, Robert Heinlein, Jack Williamson, Clifford Simak, Wilson Tucker, and Ray Bradbury. Chad Oliver had the first SF story for which he was paid published in the November, 1950, issue ("The Land of Lost Content").

There were also British and Canadian editions of the magazine.

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