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Fantastic Novels was the name of this pulp magazine for its first two issues (July and September, 1940); then it was known as Fantastic Novels Magazine.

The magazine was published during 1940–1941, then publication was suspended until March, 1948. The second run lasted until June, 1951, and the magazine had a total run of 25 issues.

The magazine was edited by Mary Gnaedinger, who also edited Famous Fantastic Mysteries, the companion magazine to Fantastic Novels. The initial publisher was The Frank A. Munsey Co. of New York, then New Publications, Inc., an affiliate of Popular Publications, New York.

The magazine was founded to serve as a vehicle for novel-length, classic SF and fantasy stories that had originally appeared in such Munsey magazines as Argosy, All-Story, and Cavalier, especially those that had appeared during 1912-1920.

Fantastic Novels merged with Famous Fantastic Mysteries in 1941, but then reappeared as a separate magazine in 1948, as though there had been no interruption, with Gnaedinger still the editor.

Writers whose works were reprinted included A. Merritt, Ray Cummings, J. U. Giesy, Garrett P. Serviss, George Allan England, and Otis Adelbert Kline, authors who were also being reprinted in Famous Fantastic Mysteries.

There were also British and Canadian editions.

When both Fantastic Novels and Famous Fantastic Mysteries ceased publication in the 1950s, it was assumed by most that they could not compete with Astounding, Galaxy, and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Roger Dard issued the bibliography Fantastic Novels: a check list in 1957.

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