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The Eastern Indiana Science Fiction Association, fl 1950s. It was originally formed at Ball State College. It was a member club of the STF League of Indiana. It brought Buck Coulson and Juanita Coulson into fandom. The club around 1954 when Buck Coulson married Juanita Wellons.

Its clubzine of the same name was originally edited by Juanita Wellons (late Coulson) and Beverly Amers (later DeWeese).

By the late 50s, it was edited by Buck and Juanita Coulson and transformed into Yandro.

Issue Date Pages Notes
V2.8 August 1954 22 eds. are the Coulsons
V2.11 November 1954 22
V3.2 January 1955 38
32 V3.9 September 1955 22
34 V3.11 November 1955 22
35 Last issue titled EISFA, see Yandro for continuation with issue 36

Club 1950s1950s
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