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(Did you mean the Irish club?)

The Indiana Science Fantasy Association (not to be confused with the earlier Indiana Fantasy Association), in later incarnations the Indiana Science Fiction Association, was a club in Indianapolis from 1950 through the ’70s. It had various splits and reformations. Its clubzine was the ISFAnews.

Ray Beam was founder, and Lee Anne Tremper an active member. In Askance 9, she recalled:

Somewhere around this time [1960] occurred The Great Schism. Ray, who was vice-president, wanted a club that was party hearty and also one that would do significant things, like put on conventions. The other officers (Jay, Jerry, and myself) got tired of this and just quit, leaving Ray in charge. He changed the name of the club to The Galloping Gleeclub something-or-other (we called them Gleeps[1]) and soon an insurgency arose, led by the Broad Ripple Boys [ Ed McNulty and two other teens]. Isfa was reformed and went into a publishing frenzy. (It reached the point where the prozine fanzine reviewers were writing “and here’s another Indiana fanzine”.) The Gleeps put out one cruddy fanzine and never put on any type of convention. Eventually, a lot of Isfans, including me, just plain burned out and gafiated.


  1. Not to be confused with Gleaps.

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