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Martin M. (Mike) Horvat is a retired printer, collector and science fiction fan and fanzine publisher. He has lived in California and Oregon. Among his collecting interests were science fiction paperbacks, magazines and fanzines. He also operated the Crabapple Bookshop, a used bookstore in Tangent, Oregon. During his military service in Vietnam, while on leave, he visited science fiction fans in Australia.

In 1972, he was Toast Master at the Second Vancouver Science Fiction Convention (British Columbia).

During the nineteen seventies, a small gathering of sf fans called TankCon was held at his residence at the time, a hundred year old former church, in Tangent, Oregon.

Horvat founded the American Private Press Association and was one of the founders of Slanapa and a member of TAPS and FAPA. During the 1980s, he was an editor of South of the Moon, a catalog of publications of amateur press associations. His vast collection of fanzines now resides at the University of Iowa Library Special Collections. A detailed inventory is available online.

His other interests include amateur radio and non-sf amateur press associations. He is librarian of The Fossils (IA), an organization devoted to the history of amateur journalism.

His fanzines include

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