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(February 3, 1936 – October 10, 2016)

Sarah “Sally” Dunn (later Brues, then Kidd, then Springett) was a Midwest fan active in the 1950s. She was a member of The Terrans in Cleveland, and was OE of 7APA for its entire (short) life. She was among the eager young 7th Fandomites whom Harlan Ellison gathered at the rallying HEcon.

She published the long-running Driftwood for FAPA.

She attended Illwiscon in 1958 and, shortly afterward, married Roger Brues; they attended Detention, the 1959 Worldcon, together. They lived in Chicago, but were divorced by 1960. Still in Chicago, she married John Kidd by 1961. She seems to have gafiated about then.

She later married someone named Springett, moved to the Rochester, NY, area and had two children. Her obituary mentioned her love of science fiction and her interest in computers.

See Talk:Sally Dunn for her obituary from the Democratic and Chronicle.

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