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(August 12, 1926 – September 24, 2022)

Chan Davis, 1975. Photo by George M. Bergman, Oberwolfach Photo Collection.

Horace Chandler Davis was a member of the Stranger Club and was one of the members who attended Noreascon 3 as Fan GoH. He edited and published the FAPAzine Blitherings in the 1940s (also published in VAPA) as well as the apazine macVert for VAPA. He was a member of the Brain Trust. He had something to do with the fireworks at Philcon , the 1947 Worldcon, where he also played piano and sang his own science fictional songs, and he attended Torcon, the sixth Worldcon, in 1948.

He began writing SF in the 1940s, several of his stories appearing in Astounding and stopped around 1960 (though with two later pieces.)

In 1960, when he was an instructor at the University of Michigan, he was called before the House Unamerican Activities Committee to answer questions about a leftist organization he'd been associated with while at Harvard. He refused to answer and was sent to jail for six months. A Harvard-educated mathematician, writer, and educator, he moved to Canada in 1962 and began teaching at the University of Toronto. He was the editor-in-chief of the Mathematical Intelligencer from 1991-2004.

Davis was born in Ithaca, NY, to parents Horace B. Davis and Marian R. Davis. In 1948, he married Natalie Zemon Davis; they had three children.

He was only occasionally involved with fandom after emigrating. In June 2010, Walks in Beauty: Selected Prose of Chandler Davis, a nonfiction collection, was released by Aqueduct Press.

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