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Officially the S. F. Checklist, a hectographed fanzine published by R. D. and F. N. Swisher beginning in 1938, which featured listings of fanzines. It was included in FAPA.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 October 1938 16
2 March 1939 16
3 June 1939 16
4 September 1939 12
5 May 1940 14
6 November 1940 16
7 November 1941 10
8 December 1942 16 in FAPA 22 ; final issue

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
or Checklist R. D. Swisher began, and Bill Evans and Bob Pavlat continued, the project of making a listing of all the fanzines that have ever appeared anywhere. This monstrous [purely in a physical sense, of course] job is probably the most difficult project ever carried out in Fandom.

See also the Evans-Pavlat Fanzine Index.

Publication 19391942
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