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Mark William Richards is a New York City fan who was first active in the late 70s. From the 80s until 2001 he was partnered with, then married to, Velma Bowen. From 2005 he lived with, and then married, Catelynn Cunningham, who he introduced to fandom.

Over the years, save for a hiatus in the late 90s/early 2000s, he has been involved with working and helping to run various conventions, both local and regional. He was on the staff and committee for several Empiricons, and served on the board of its governing organization, TESSFA. He was on the Corflu 7 committee. He was a Lunarian, serving a year on their board and working on several Lunacons, including as art show director. He was part of the group that reconstituted the Lunarians as Lunarians (2). Selected as chair of Lunacon 2016, he resigned in December 2015 over critical differences with other members of the group.

Richards has also worked at various levels, both staff and committee, for Boskone, Philcon, and Balticon and been on the program at Arisia. He has also worked on Worldcon (Renovation, Sasquan) and NASFiC (NorthAmeriCon '17).

In 2016 he co-founded NASF3, the club which runs HELIOsphere, and was chair of the first HELIOsphere, HELIOsphere 2017.

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