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(April 7, 1935 – April 29, 2023)

Marty Cantor, 1981. Photo by Joyce Scrivner.

Los Angeles-based SF fan Marty Cantor started reading SF in 1945 but did not find fandom until 1975 and joined LASFS that May. He and his then-wife Robbie Cantor won DUFF in 1985 and he published Duffbury Tales as his trip report.

He organized Lasfapacon in 1980, helped run Corflu 9 in 1992, and chaired Corflu 34 in 2017. Marty was a longtime OE of LASFAPA and a member and also OE (he preferred the title "Little Tin God") of APA-L for many years. He was an agent for the Britain in '87 Worldcon bid.

He published the sixth edition of The Neo-Fan's Guide with Mike Glyer in 1984. He and Robbie published 27 issues of the fanzine Holier Than Thou. It was nominated for the Best Fanzine Hugo in 1984–86.

The Cantors were married in January 1983 and divorced in 1998. Marty died after a long battle with cancer.

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