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(March 15, 1928 – August 30, 2020)

Bo Stenfors, a Swedish fan and pro, was a co-founder (and Treasurer) of the Stockholm fan club SFSF and editor of its clubzine SF Forum from 1962–63. He was also a fanartist. He ran for TAFF in 1966.

He was active from the beginnings of fandom in Sweden in the 1950s till about 2015. An accomplished mimeograph artist, particularly in the 1950s, his fanzines were renowned for their impressive artwork and impeccable reproduction, though sometimes controversial since Stenfors' mainly published illustrations by both himself and others depicting nude or semi-nude women. In his Swedish fanzines, particularly during the last part of his fan career, from the early 1990s and on, he primarily published sf or fantasy stories with an erotic slant.

In mundane life, Stenfors had a degree in law, and until his retirement, held a high position as a civil servant in the Swedish Ministry of Social Affairs.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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