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Dover High School Yearbook Entry, Class of 1945 (via

(August 26, 1928–June 9, 1995)

Benson Hapgood “Boff” Perry was a fan from New Hampshire, active in the 1940s.

While attending the University of New Hampshire, he was a member of Boston's Stranger Club, SAPS, FAPA, the N3F (and member of the Board of Directors for a time), and Vanguard. He attended Boskone V in 1945 (one of nine members!) and Philcon, the 1947 Worldcon.

Perry's answers to questions submitted by the League of Women Voters (via

He was still well-enough known in 1959 that Fancy 2 mentioned his possible homemade mimeo in AHMF. He created an index to Vampire.

He was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and graduated from Dover High School in 1945. Perry later moved to Pennsylvania where he worked as a computer programmer. He was active enough in the Socialist Labor party to run for Lt. Governor in 1962 and for Senator in 1968 (he lost both elections).

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