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Fred Hurter, Jr., was an Ontario fan active in the 1940s, beginning while a student at St. Andrew College for Boys in Aurora, ON, Canada.

In 1941, he produced Censored for the first time. It was probably Canada's third fanzine and the first to appear in an APA. He originally named it Rocket and ran off a cover with that title in 1941. When he learned that Walt Daugherty had already published a fanzine with that name, he lettered "CENSORED" over the title. With some assistance from Beak Taylor, he published it for a couple years, suspended it, and revived it; it lived into the new decade with six issues total.

He was a founding member of The National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) in 1941, and in 1942, he formed the apa Canadian Amateur Fan Publishers, designed to unite and promote fanzines. Also that year, Hurter moved to Montreal to attend McGill University, and joined the Montreal Science Fiction Society.

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