Toward Yesterday

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A 20-page, one-shot fanzine published by James Kepner, writing as "Jike", in December 1943. Kepner had been working on creating his fanzine Toward Tomorrow when an opening in FAPA came up. He wasn't ready to submit "Tomorrow", so he quickly put together this zine. Most of the writing is by him.

Cover of Toward Yesterday


  • From Fan to Futurian. Essay
  • It's the Absolute Truth. Poem by Jon Arnold
  • A Modern Parable. Short story
  • Jokes That Drove Adam Out of Eden. Jokes
  • Another Idea. Essay
  • Appologia. Short essay
  • Lin Chu. Poem
  • The Fantastic Journey of Buck Rogers and Flush Gordon. Trip report
  • Out of the Corner of the Mouth. (Sarcastic) essay
  • About Poetry. Essay
  • Me and the Last Mailing. Fanzine reviews

Kepner is the first known openly gay man to write a fanzine (in any genre), and this is his first publication. "A Modern Parable" can be read as a parable of being gay, although it does not need to be read that way.

Publication 1943
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