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Officers is the most common term now, but all the rest remains as described in Fancyclopedia 2.

From Fancyclopedia 2, ca. 1959
The poor suckers who administer a fan club; an old distinction between officials as appointed and officers as elected is no longer observed.

Getting anything done by a fanclub administration is about as difficult as pushing an oil-rationing bill thru the Texas legislature. This is not because the officials don't want to be active, but because members will elect a governing body, then sit back and wait for the crew they've elected to accomplish mountains of work with molehills of energy. An inevitable consequence is that such club projects as get carried out will be accomplished by the two or three fans who were elected, not to work for the club, but to coordinate the efforts of all the members.

Of course the sins are not all on one side. One of the banes of fandom is the official who loses interest in stf, gets mad at some other fan, or finds his time taken up by other matters -- and quietly drops out of the picture, letting his correspondence remain unanswered, not informing the other officials of the situation, and keeping the records or even funds in his custody.

Probably there is no remedy for the disease, which can be averted only by the fanarchistic method of not trusting organizations to accomplish anything important. Even groups like the APAs, which must depend on an active administration, observe the custom of pointedly dealing extra rations of egoboo to officials.

From Fancyclopedia 1, ca. 1944
Generally, all persons given special duties in connection with an organization; specifically, those who are appointed as distinguished from the officers elected.

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