Roger Wells

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(1949 --)

A United States fan and con-runner, active since 1978, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Member of the Portland Science Fiction Society, Northwest Science Fiction Society, LASFS, Melbourne Science Fiction Club (of Australia), and Northwest Convention League. Co-founder of OryCon in Portland OR, co-founder, President, Board of Directors, Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (1979-1981). Board of Directors, Parliamentarian for the Science Fiction Museum, Salem OR.

His first contact with fandom was at the sf club at the University of Texas, Austin in 1973, his first con was Westercon XXX in 1977. He has been part of a number of OryCons, co-chairing OryCon '79, and chairing OryCon '81. Additionally, he was on the committee of the 1989 World Fantasy Con, Westercon XLIII, Westercon XLVI, Bouchercon 25, and Westercon XLVIII.

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