Jack Wiedenbeck

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Jack Wiedenbeck.
Art by VIP from Fan 6 (February 1946).

(August 1, 1910 – July 30, 1969)

John Harper “Jack” Wiedenbeck, a fanartist, lived in the Slan Shack in Battle Creek, MI, from 1943–45. He was one of the members of Nova Press, publishing Nova, and was a member of FAPA and the Order of Dagon. He attended all the Michiconferences.

Harry Warner labeled him as the first fakefan (one who likes to hang around with fans but who has no real interest in science fiction or fandom), yet he seems to have done plenty of fanac, contributing to many fanzines. He did highly acclaimed airbrushed cover art. He also belonged to the N3F.

Jack Weidenbeck (1940s). Courtesy of Rob Hansen.

He married Ella Bazemore “Ty” Tyrone (1906–1982) at the Slan Shack on June 25, 1944, just after Michicon 4, but they divorced six months later. With the other Galactic Roomers, he moved out to LA in ’45 and joined the Insurgent element of LASFS. He seems to have gafiated by the late ’40s. He married Thelma Lee "Eleanor" Gorrell (b. 1915) on December 9, 1963.

Fanzines and Apazines:

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