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(January 29, 1958 – )

Nic Farey, a fanzine fan and conrunner born in Britain, emigrated to the United States in 1993, living in Maryland for many years before moving to Las Vegas, where he currently resides. He discovered fandom around 1981. While in Britain, he was initially heavily involved in Star Trek fandom and also worked Novacon and Mexicon, leading the sound and lighting crew.

First at a Mexicon, and later at Novacon, he co-hosted with Mark Plummer a series of "Teck Crew room parties" which were fundraisers for various fannish causes such as TAFF. One of these was sharply curtailed due to The Trouser Press Incident involving James Bacon.

He co-chaired (with Fake Bob Shaw) an Eastercon bid (for Contact) that folded due to an ongoing period of illness.

He chaired Corflu Valentine and Cor31u. He was CGoH at Corflu 18. He was one of the lead characters in an Ian Sorenson fannish musical, The Booze Brothers. He co-edited All Jacq'd Up, a fanzine promoting the ultimately successful TAFF candidacy of Jacqueline Monahan, with Steve Green. He is a multiple-year administrator of the FAAn Awards.

He is married to Jennifer L. Farey, CEO of the small press Journey Fiction.

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