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(Did you mean a Mexican convention?)

A series of conventions focused around written SF held in the UK intermittently from 1984 to 1994. (David Langford jokingly described it as a "vile, elitist written-sf con".)

Convention Dates Location GoHs
Tynecon II May 25-27 1984 Newcastle
Mexicon 2 Feb 7-9 1986 Birmingham
Mexicon III May 26-28 1989 Nottingham
Mexicon IV May 3-6, 1991 Carin Hotel, Harrogate Howard Waldrop
Mexicon 5 May 28-31, 1993 Scarborough Pat Cadigan, Norman Spinrad
Mexicon 6: The Party May 20-22, 1994 Stevenage

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