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A fanwriter or fan writer writes for fun and egoboo rather than monetary gain. Fanwriters' work appears in fanzines, apazines, semiprozines and online.

Some fanwriters aspire to be professional writers; some fanwriters are professional writers. The difference between fan writing and pro writing is not quality -- there is good and bad writing in both categories -- but motivation.

For example, Fred Pohl, at age 90, after a long and distinguished award-winning career as a pro, started The Way the Future Blogs, a weblog recounting his early years in fandom, his real-world political opinions and various natter, and won the 2010 Best Fan Writer Hugo Award on the strength of that fanwriting. Avid letterhack Harry Warner, Jr. wrote extensively for fanzines and his fanhistories while conducting a full-time career as a newspaperman.

See Author, Writing.

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