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Miriam Dyches's publishing house. Forry Ackerman had called her "the Girl with the Golden Goojies" and Miriam used this to title her publishing house. She used it for her first fanzine published in 1958-1962 with each issue having a different title. Goojie Publications is usually listed as the name of the fanzine.

Issue Date Pages Title Notes
1 Mental Marshmallow Includes "The Girl With the Golden Goojies," by Forrest J Ackerman
2 November 1958 18 Moor Park
3 December 1958 34 Uneven
4 August 1959 50 Syzygy Hectographed; Miriam married Terry Carr in January, so the editor here is "Miriam Carr" (See what else lines up under the name Syzygy.)
5 July 1962 14 Q.E.D.
February 1963 10 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Poughkeepsie For FAPA #103. As by Miriam Knight. She was then living in Poughkeepsie, but moved in April to the Bay Area.

Goojie Publications online at

Publication 19581963
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