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At each Boskone from 2001, NESFA Press brings in a speaker to talk about aspects of a recent book. This can be the author, the person who wrote the introduction, or someone who is expert in a NESFA Press author's works. This is not a GoH position.

Boskone Year NESFA Press Guest Reason
Boskone 38 2001 William Tenn book launch for Immodest Proposals
Boskone 39 2002 Robert Sheckley book launch for Dimensions of Sheckley
Boskone 40 2003 William Tenn author of Immodest Proposals and Here Comes Civilization
Boskone 41 2004 Karen Anderson introduction for Silverlock, new at Boskone 41
Boskone 42 2005 Frederik Pohl & Elizabeth Anne Hull Pohl was former husband of Judith Merril, author of Homecalling and Other Stories, new at Boskone 42
Boskone 43 2006 Robert Sheckley book launch for The Masque of Mañana [deceased 12/05]
Mike Resnick to discuss Robert Sheckley
Boskone 44 2007 Christopher Stasheff co-authored stories with L. Sprague de Camp and wrote introduction to volume 2 of de Camp
Boskone 45 2008 Howard Waldrop Introduction to Chad Oliver volume
Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski Chad Oliver's agent.
Boskone 46 2009 Astrid and Greg Bear for introduction to Poul Anderson's Call Me Joe
Boskone 47 2010 Lois McMaster Bujold for various NESFA Press editions of her work
Michael Whelan for creating the covers for the Roger Zelazny collection
Boskone 48 2011 Karen Anderson for her assistance with the Poul Anderson books
Boskone 49 2012 Jerry Pournelle for his introduction to volume 5 of the Poul Anderson collections. (He was unable to attend the convention.)
Boskone 51 2014 Jane Yolen
Boskone 52 2015 Vincent DiFate
Boskone 53 2016 Bob Eggleton for multiple covers
Boskone 54 2017 Ken MacLeod
Boskone 56 2019 Gardner Dozois in memoriam

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