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(1947 –)

Cory Panshin (née Seidman) is an American fan, fanwriter, SF writer and critic. She found fandom while a student at Radcliffe (her roommate was Leslie Turek) and was a member of MITSFS where she and Turek edited some issues of Twilight Zine. She was also a founding member of NESFA and edited some issues of Proper Boskonian. She was a member of TAPA.

Cory appeared, painted blue, as "A Bottle of Corflu" in the masquerade at Baycon, the 1968 Worldcon.

Her pro work was in collaboration with her husband, Alexei Panshin (early stories appeared only under his name and he credited her in the introduction to his 1975 collection). They won the 1990 Best Non-Fiction Book Hugo for The World Beyond the Hill, a history of SF.

Alexei reminisced that he first laid eyes on Cory at Tricon, the 24th World Science Fiction Convention in Cleveland, in 1966, though she didn't mention him in her conrep (Twilight Zine #20, October 1966: see Cory Seidman (Panshin)'s Tricon Reminiscence): "Over the next several years she and I would see each other from time to time at gatherings at Charlie and Marsha Brown's apartment in the Bronx." After he published Star Well in October 1968, she sent him his "first fan letter ever." "I won her heart with The Thurb Revolution. We were married the following June" (1969).


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