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(August 19, 1940 – September 1993)

Andrew Adams "Drew" Whyte, a Boston fan and bibliographer, was a founder of NESFA (the New England Science Fiction Association) in 1967. He was a member of BoSFS and a Fellow of NESFA. He performed regularly in early Boskone fannish plays.

His nickname, "Drew," came about at a NESFA meeting when — somehow — it was determined that he needed one. Club members debated, and when Whyte objected that it should be his own decision, the President, Tony Lewis, ruled that he had a vote just like everyone else.

Drew was a collector who might have been considered a hoarder had he not indexed and organized everything. (But he did have things like a complete set of TV Guide issues covering SF on TV.) When he moved, the NESFA Displacement Authority assisted, filling five 20-foot trucks over the course of four successive weekends. This measure was thereafter known as the Drew, which see. NESFA also packed most of his collection for him, which may account for boxes with labels like "used belly button lint."

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