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A measurement unit named after Boston fan Drew Whyte. He was a collector who might have been considered a hoarder had he not indexed and organized everything. When he moved in 1980, the NESFA Displacement Authority assisted, filling five 20-foot trucks over the course of four successive weekends. This measure was thereafter known as the Drew.

A Drew is officially defined as “five 20-foot truckloads packed ridiculously tightly.” The trucks in Whyte's move define absurdly tight. The relative tightness factor for lesser moves (all the others) ranges from 0.5 to just under 1.0. (Tightness factors as low as 0.5 are usually not reported due to the shame of it all.)

So a move that used a single 16-foot truck packed ordinarily tight (meaning a tightness factor of 0.75) would amount to about .12 Drew [= (16'/100')*0.75].

Only the True Drew Whyte Move rates as a full 1.0.

Moves done by professionals don't count.

See also: standlee, rusty, scalzi.

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