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The NESFA Hymnal, a filk songbook, has a complicated publishing history:

At a NESFA meeting in December 1972, Richard Harter proposed that NESFA produce the "ultimate" filksong book. Jim Saklad suggested that it be called the NESFA Hymnal and Tony Lewis "groaned that he was afraid it really would be called that."

  • The NESFA Hymnal 1, the first edition of Volume One was published in 1976 for Boskone 13 and edited by Craig McDonough and Joe Ross. It was saddle stapled, 8.5x11, 76 pages, around 150 songs, and had a pink cover. There was a single printing and it was allowed to go out of print when the second edition was published.
  • The NESFA Hymnal 2nd Edition, the heavily revised, corrected, and expanded second edition of Volume One was edited by Joe Ross and published in 1979. Erwin S. Strauss supplied many corrections to the first edition. It included chords and even a bit of music. It was comb bound, 8.5x11, 218 pages, a tan cover featuring a filk song on the Moon by Frank Sobolewski. It has subsequently gone through multiple printings over decades.
  • The NESFA Hymnal Volume 2 was an entirely new collection edited by Jane Wagner and published in December 1987. It was comb bound, 8.5x11, 124 pages. The cover is blue and features a fannish animal singing group by Merle Insinga.

Publication 1987
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