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(???? -- April 15, 1998)

Boston area fan and member of NESFA and MCFI who didn't venture out of Boston for fannish reasons often, but who was an enormously well-liked, hard-working, mainstay of Boston fandom. Like Hal Clement, he was a high school Chemistry teacher, and, like Hal Clement, he had a mild, constructive personality. (He once said of himself that "In my car club [his other hobby], I'm the smart one. In NESFA, I'm the handsome one.")

He was also enormously skilled with tools and perhaps his shining moments were when he led the rebuilding of the NESFA Clubhouse (see Saga of the NESFA Clubhouse). Laurie Mann reminisces about those days in Everything I Learned About Buying and Renovating Buildings I Learned from Monty Wells. He was elected a Fellow of NESFA in 1983.

After his death, NESFA ran the Monty Wells Project, a short course on using SF to teach science, just before Boskone for several years.

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