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The 2003 FAAn Awards were presented on April 27, 2003 by Administrator Andy Hooper at Corflu 20, Corflu Badger, in Madison, WI.

Place Best Fanzine Votes
1 Chunga, edited by Randy Byers, Andy Hooper and Carl Juarez 98
2 Plokta, edited by Steve Davies, Alison Scott, Mike Scott, et al 47
2 Wabe, edited by Jae Leslie Adams, Tracy Benton and Bill Bodden 47
4 Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer 45
5 Trap Door, edited by Robert Lichtman 34
6 Bento, edited by David Levine and Kate Yule 19
7 Tortoise, edited by Sue Jones 17
8 Floss!, edited by Lilian Edwards 16
9 Head!, edited by Doug Bell and Christina Lake 15
10 SF Commentary, edited by Bruce Gillespie 14
11 Challenger, edited by Guy Lillian 11
12 e*I, edited by Earl Kemp 9
File 770, edited by Mike Glyer 8
Littlebrook, edited by Jerry Kaufman and Suzle Tompkins 8
No Award, edited by Marty Cantor 8
Ansible, edited by David Langford 6
eFNAC, edited by John Foyster 6
The Knarley Knews, edited by Henry Welch 6
Nonstop Fun Is Hard on the Heart, edited by Dwain Kaiser 6
ERBZine, edited by Bill Hillman and Sue-On Hillman 5
Ethel the Aardvark, edited by Paul Ewins 5
Rune 86, edited by Jeff Schalles 5
Steam Engine Time, edited by Bruce Gillespie, Maureen Kincaid Speller and Paul Kincaid 5
Tommyworld, edited by Tom Ferguson 5
Vanamonde, edited by John Hertz 5
Wassamatta U., edited by Randy Byers 5
Crazy from the Heat, edited by Trufan Ten 4
Quasiquote, edited by Sandra Bond 4
Twink, edited by E. B. Frohvet 4
Alexiad, edited by Joseph T. Major 3
Derogatory Reference, edited by Arthur D. Hlavaty 3
Joie De Vivre, edited by Yvonne Rowse 3
Peregrine Nations, edited by Janine Stinson 3
Uncle Smiley's Bookcase, edited by Ray Nelson 3
Masque, edited by Bill Rotsler 3
YHOS, edited by Art Widner 3
Zoo Nation, edited by Peter Young 3
Fantasy Commentator, edited by A. Langley Searles 1
Horizons, edited by Harry Warner, Jr. 1
Lofgeornost, edited by Fred Lerner 1
The Revenge of Hump Day, edited by Tim Bolgeo 1

Place Harry Warner, Jr. Memorial Award for Best Letterhack Votes
1 Joseph Nicholas 58
2 Lloyd Penney 50
3 Harry Warner, Jr. 49
4 Robert Lichtman 40
5 Ron Bennett 19
6 Milt Stevens 15
7 E. B. Frohvet 11
8 Kim Huett 9
8 Steve Jeffery 9
10 Alexis Gilliland 8
10 Kate Schaefer 8

Place Number 1 Fan Face Votes
1 Randy Byers 176
2 Andy Hooper 127
3 Sue Mason 118*
4 Steve Stiles 103
5 Carl Juarez 99
6 (tie) Claire Brialey 79
6 (tie) Alison Scott 79
8 Robert Lichtman 78
9 Jae Leslie Adams 73
10 Mark Plummer 61
11 Tracy Benton 60
12 Steve Davies 55
12 Harry Warner, Jr. 55
14 D. West 36
15 Eloise Mason 31
16 Lilian Edwards 29
17 Kate Yule 25
18 Doug Bell 24
18 Ted White 24
20 John Hertz 23
This is an unofficial FAAn Award, calculated and bestowed only when a fan is able to amass more total voting points across all categories than any single fan or fanzine receives in any single category. To be eligible for the list, a fan must receive votes in at least two categories.
* Although not a named editor, Sue Mason is an acknowledged and pivotal member of the "Plokta Cabal," and therefore counts the 47 votes amassed by that fanzine.
Four-Way Fans: It is very unusual for a fan to receive votes in all four of the "disciplinary" categories, for being the editor of a fanzine receiving votes as the best of the year, as well as votes for being the best fan writer, artist and correspondent of the year. This year, we can give special recognition to Sue Mason and Alison Scott for receiving votes for Best Fanzine, Fan Writer, Fan Artist and Letterhack.

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