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The 2004 FAAn Awards were presented on March 21, 2004 by Administrator Joyce Worley Katz at Corflu 21 in Las Vegas, NV.

43 people cast ballots. Ballots sent by mail and email were stored in a box decorated by artist Alan White, which also served as a receptacle for votes cast during Corflu Blackjack. The box was opened at Midnight, March 20th, and the ballots counted by Ken Forman, Carrie Root, Ben Wilson and Andy Hooper. Most categories offered space for three choices, which received 5, 3 and 1 points for first, second and third place respectively. The ballot also contained language that prohibited voters from casting votes for themselves, but did not address the issue of voting for your own fanzine. In the actual event, we simply accepted all the votes cast, including those for deceased contributors.

Special FAAn Award
Bill Burns for the website eFanzines.com

Place Best Fanzine Votes
1 Trapdoor, edited by Robert Lichtman 82
2 Chunga, edited by Randy Byers, Andy Hooper, Carl Juarez 67
3 SF Commentary, edited by Bruce Gillespie 36
4 Plokta, edited by Steve Davies, Alison Scott, Mike Scott 25
5 e*I, edited by Earl Kemp 20
6 (tie) Zoo Nation, edited by Pete Young 10
6 (tie) Challenger, edited by Guy Lillian III 10
8 (tie) Fantasy Communicator, edited by Milt Stevens 8
8 (tie) Littlebrook, edited by Jerry Kaufman, Suzle Tompkins 8
8 (tie) Quasiquote, edited by Sandra Bond 8
No Award, edited by Marty Cantor 6
Peregrine Nations, edited by Janine Stinson 6
Ansible, edited by Dave Langford 5
File 770, edited by Mike Glyer 5
Joie De Vivre, edited by Yvonne Rowse 5
Smokin' Rockets, edited by Joyce Katz 5
Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey, Mark Plummer 4
YHOS, edited by Art Widner 4
Halo of Flies, edited by Tony Keen 3
Head!, edited by Doug Bell, Christina Lake 3
The Knarley Knews, edited by Henry Welch 3
Let's Kiosk, edited by Judith Hanna, Joseph Nicholas 3
Nice Distinctions, edited by Arthur Hlavaty 3
Nine Lines Each, edited by Ken Forman, John Hardin, Tom Springer, Ben Wilson 3
Argentus, edited by Steven Silver 2
Bogus, edited by Sandra Bond 2
Alexiad, edited by Joseph T. Major 1
Emerald City, edited by Cheryl Morgan 1
Floss!, edited by Lilian Edwards 1
Gegenschein, edited by Eric Lindsay 1
Lofgeornost, edited by Fred Lerner 1
Mimosa, edited by Nicki Lynch & Richard Lynch 1
Tortoise, edited by Sue Jones 1

This is the second win for Trap Door, which also won Best Fanzine in 2000. It's the third FAAn for Robert Lichtman, who also won the award for Best Letterhack in 2001.

This is the first FAAn award for Gordon Eklund. His story "Sense of Wonder" in Trap Door #22 was widely considered to be responsible for both his and the fanzine's awards in 2004.

This is the second consecutive award for Steve Stiles, who is also nominated for a 2004 Hugo award. Second-place finisher Dan Steffan received more votes than any first place winner in any other individual category.

This award was included this year by the Corflu Blackjack committee, at the hopefully temporary expense of the Harry Warner, Jr. Memorial Award for Best Letterhack. There was precedent for the award itself in that the FAAn awards of the 1970s made a distinction between written work of serious and humorous tone. As one might expect, many of the names chosen are also frequent visitors to other FAAn categories.

Place Number 1 Fan Face Votes
1 Andy Hooper 141
2 Steve Stiles 99
3 Randy Byers 90
4 Robert Lichtman 86
5 Dan Steffan 79
6 carl juarez 67
7 Gordon Eklund 56
8 Pete Young 55
9 Earl Kemp 50
10 D. West 47
11 Dave Langford 46
12 Arnie Katz 44
13 Bruce Gillespie 40
14 Joyce Katz 38
15 Milt Stevens 33
16 Steve Davies 30
17 Alan White 29
18 Alison Scott 28
19 Stu Shiffman 26
20 Mike Scott 25

This is an unofficial FAAn Award, calculated and bestowed only when a fan is able to amass more total voting points across all categories than any single fan or fanzine receives in any single category. To be eligible for the list, a fan must receive votes in at least two categories.

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