2005 FAAn Awards

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The 2005 FAAn Awards were presented on February 27, 2005 by Administrator Andy Hooper at Corflu 22 in San Francisco.

Place Best Fanzine Votes
1 Chunga, edited by Randy Byers, Andy Hooper and Carl Juarez 122
2 Trapdoor, edited by Robert Lichtman 53
3 Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer 34
4 e*I, edited by Earl Kemp 28
5 SF Commentary, edited by Bruce Gillespie 23
6 Zoo Nation, edited by Pete Young 18
7 Emerald City, edited by Cheryl Morgan 15
8 (tie) Bento, edited by David Levine and Kate Yule 14
8 (tie) Plokta, edited by Steve Davies, Alison Scott and Mike Scott 14
10 (tie) Challenger, edited by Guy Lillian 11
10 (tie) Smokin' Rockets, edited by Joyce Katz 11
Littlebrook, edited by Jerry Kaufman and Suzle Tompkins 7
File 770, edited by Mike Glyer 6
The Knarley Knews, edited by Henry Welch 6
No Sin But Ignorance, edited by Claire Brialey 6
Meta, edited by Geneva Melzack 5
Peregrine Nations, edited by Janine Stinson 5
Xenolith, edited by Bill Bowers 5
Crazy From the Heat, edited by The Trufan Ten 4
Argentus, edited by Steven H Silver 3
Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin, edited by Joyce Katz and Arnie Katz 3
Erg, edited by Terry Jeeves 3
Nice Distinctions, edited by Arthur D. Hlavaty 3
YHOS, edited by Art Widner 3
Tortoise, edited by Sue Jones 2
Flicker, edited by Arnie Katz 1
Nine Lines Each, edited by Ken Forman, John Hardin, Tom Springer and Ben Wilson 1
Opuntia, edited by Dale Speirs 1
Steam Engine Time, edited by Bruce Gillespie, Maureen Kincaid Speller and Paul Kincaid 1
Wabe, edited by Jae Leslie Adams, Tracy Benton and Bill Bodden 1

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