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(March 23, 1957 –)

Richard Brandt has been an actifan in El Paso, Texas, and Las Vegas; he now lives in Mobile, Alabama. He ran for TAFF in 1992 and lost by six votes.

He’s been a member of FACT and the El Paso Science Fiction and Fantasy Alliance. He was a member of the Auburn University SF and Fantasy Society in Mobile, AL. His first convention was MidAmeriCon in 1976, and he has since attended and worked on many, including running Press Relations at LoneStarCon, and Noreascon 3, and working on it at MagiCon. He co-edited (with Pat Mueller) the daily newsletter at Cactuscon. He chaired Amigocon 3, Amigocon 4 and Ditto 9 and co-chaired ConDiablo. He was El Queso Grande of Corflu Ocho.

He is well-known as a fanzine fan, having published Vorpal, Light in the Bushel, The Little House on the Borderland, and The Mobius Strip and co-edited (with Pat Mueller the daily newsletter for the 1987 Westercon, Cactus Clipper. Additionally, he did one-offs for Ditto and Corflu: Duped Again!. Fanthology '87, and Gone to Texas. His publishing house name was Bushel Press, under which he published The Least Horrible of Roy Tackett in 1997.

He is or has been a member of N'APA (zine: N'aptime), FAPA (zine Creature of Habit), FLAP (zine Deadwood Dick), and SFPA (zine Souf'paw).

Fanzines and Apazines:

( We Came in Through the Taffroom Window (with Jeanne Bowman)

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