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The 1998 FAAn Awards were presented by administrator Andy Hooper during Corflu 15, Corflu UK, which was held from March 13-16, 1998, in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. The winners received certificates calligraphed by Jae Leslie Adams.

Place Best Fanzine Votes
1 Idea, edited by Geri Sullivan 105
2 Attitude, edited by Michael Abbott, John Dallman and Pam Wells 63
3 Trap Door, edited by Robert Lichtman 51
4 Apparatchik, edited by Andy Hooper and Victor Gonzalez 39
5 Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer 34
6 Never Quite Arriving, edited by Christina Lake 24
7 Plokta, edited by Steve Davies, Alison Scott and Mike Scott 19
8 Mimosa, edited by Rich Lynch and Nicki Lynch 16
9 Thyme, edited by Alan Stewart 15
10 (tie) Bento, edited by David Levine and Kate Yule 10
10 (tie) Emerald City, edited by Cheryl Morgan 10
10 (tie) File 770, edited by Mike Glyer 10
10 (tie) Wild Heirs, edited by Joyce Katz and Arnie Katz 10
14 Ansible, edited by David Langford 9
15 (tie) Gasworks, edited by Steve Swartz and John D. Berry 8
15 (tie) Tommyworld, edited by Tom Ferguson 8
Challenger, edited by Guy Lillian 6
Jezail, edited by Andy Hooper 6
The Reluctant Famulus, edited by Thomas D. Sadler 6
Silicon Soapware, edited by Tom Digby 6
Ethel the Aardvark, edited by Paul Ewins 5
FOSFAX, edited by Timothy Lane and Elizabeth Garrott 5
Götterdämmerung, edited by Mark McCann, Tommy Ferguson and James McKee 5
Load of Bollocks, ed. by D. M. Sherwood 5
Nova Express, edited by Lawrence Person 5
Outlaw Mutation Boogie, edited by Mark Plummer 5
Outworlds, edited by Bill Bowers 5
Pinkette, edited by Karen Pender-Gunn 5
Squib, edited by Victor Gonzalez 5
Widening Gyre, edited by Ulrika O'Brien 5
Quipu, edited by Vicki Rosenzweig 4
Mimezine Flashback, edited by Terry Frost 3
Mind Wallaby, edited by Ian Gunn 3
Pognophobia, edited by Alison Freebairn 3
The Space Cadet Gazette, edited by R. Graeme Cameron 3
Tangent, edited by Dave Truesdale 3
Twink, edited by E. B. Frohvet 3
Bob, edited by Ian Sorenson 1
Converse, edited by Kim Huett 1
Corflu UK Progress Report # 1, edited by Ian Sorenson 1
Derogatory Reference, edited by Arthur D. Hlavaty 1
Fanhistorica, edited by Joe Siclari and Karina Siclari 1
Girabbit, edited by David Bratman 1
Glamour, edited by Aileen Forman 1
Hardwired, edited by Gene Bostwick 1
The Knarley Knews, edited by Henry Welch 1
The Mentor, edited by Ron Clarke 1
Opuntia, edited by Dale Speirs 1
Quant Suff, edited by Joyce Katz 1
Squiggledy Hoy, edited by Bridget Bradshaw 1

Rank Number 1 Fan Face Votes
1 Geri Sullivan 161
2 D. West 104
3 Robert Lichtman 92
4 Christina Lake 88
5 (tie) Michael Abbott 83
5 (tie) Lesley Reece 83
7 Ian Gunn 79
8 Mark Plummer 72
9 Victor Gonzalez 68
10 Claire Brialey 64
11 Ulrika O'Brien 57
12 Vicki Rosenzweig 45
13 Lloyd Penney 42
14 Dave Langford 41
15 Alison Freebairn 39
16 Tommy Ferguson 37
17 Tom Springer 36
18 Aileen Forman 32
19 Steve Jeffery 31
20 Cheryl Morgan 25
This is an unofficial FAAn Award, calculated and bestowed only when a fan is able to amass more total voting points across all categories than any single fan or fanzine receives in any single category. To be eligible for the list, a fan must receive votes in at least two categories.

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