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Gary Farber was a fan active mainly in the 70s-90s. Today he is gafiated and has created "a niche for himself in the world of political commentary blogs where his Amygdala blog has thousands of devoted readers."

He played a major role in Iguanacon II and worked on numerous other conventions. He was a member of Shortfastalkinghyperfandom, and ran for TAFF in 1981 (see 1981 TAFF Race). He was a member of the Seattle in 1981, and NY in '86 Worldcon bids, and the Flushing in '80 hoax Worldcon bid. He was an agent for the Britain in '87 Worldcon bid. He was OE of Oasis.

See his Iguanacon Reminiscence from Noreascon 3.

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