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An award given by the First Fandom club since 1963 for contributions to the field of science fiction. Recipients must have contributed to fandom for 30 years or more. The award was formerly presented before the presentation of the Hugo Awards at Worldcon, but more recently is merely announced at opening ceremonies.

First Fandom presents three awards on an annual basis: Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame (Posthumous), and the Sam Moskowitz Archive Award. All award winners are determined by a vote of the members of the First Fandom club.

The Posthumous Hall of Fame award was established as a separate and equal award with unique criteria in 1994 at Rivercon XIX.


Year Winner(s) Posthumous
1963 E. E. Smith
1964 Hugo Gernsback
1966 David H. Keller
1967 Edmond Hamilton
1968 Jack Williamson
1969 Murray Leinster
1970 Virgil Finlay
1971 John W. Campbell, Jr.
1972 C. L. Moore
1973 Clifford D. Simak
1974 Forrest J Ackerman, Sam Moskowitz
1975 Donald A. Wollheim
1976 Harry Bates
1977 Frank Belknap Long
1978 E. Hoffmann Price
1979 Raymond Z. Gallun
1980 George O. Smith
1981 Stanton A. Coblentz
1982 Bill Crawford
1983 Manly Wade Wellman
1986 Julius Schwartz
1990 Edd Cartier, Robert A. Madle, Alex Schomburg
1991 Robert A. W. Lowndes
1992 Nelson Bond, J. Harvey Haggard, Art Saha, Art Widner
1993 Ray Beam
1994 E. F. Bleiler, Andre Norton Gerry de la Ree
1995 Jack Speer, Harry Warner, Jr. Cyril Kornbluth, Mort Weisinger
1996 Forrest J Ackerman, Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, Frank K. Kelly, Erle Melvin Korshak, Julius Schwartz Henry Kuttner
1997 Hal Clement Mark Reinsberg
1998 Jack Agnew, John Baltadonis, Milton Rothman Oswald V. Train, T. L. Sherred
1999 A. Langley Searles Lynn Hickman
2000 Marty Greenberg Theodore R. Cogswell, Mark Schulzinger
2001 Frank M. Robinson Gordon R. Dickson
2002 Arthur C. Clarke Martha Beck
2003 Philip José Farmer Philip Nowlan
2004 Brian Aldiss, Robert Peterson, William L. Hamling Edgar Rice Burroughs
2005 Howard DeVore
2006 Joe L. Hensley
2007 Algis Budrys Don Dailey
2008 Mike Ashley, Ray Harryhausen Isaac Asimov
2009 James Gunn, Ben Indick Walt Daugherty
2010 Terry Jeeves, Joe Martino Ray Cummings
2011 Jay Kay Klein Oliver Saari
2012 Ray Bradbury, Larry Farsace, Claude Held, Jack Robins Rusty Hevelin
2013 Sam Basham, Earl Kemp, Lester Mayer, Norman F. Stanley T. E. Dikty, Raymond A. Palmer
2014 John Clute Ted Carnell, Walter H. Gillings
2015 Julian May, Margaret Brundage Bruce Pelz, F. Orlin Tremaine
2016 Ben Bova, Joseph Wrzos Olon F. Wiggins, Lew Martin, Roy V. Hunt
2017 Les Cole, Esther Cole Jim Harmon
2018 Robert Silverberg Len Moffatt, June Moffatt
2019 Ray Nelson Bob Shaw, James White, Walt Willis
2020 Roger Sims Chad Oliver
2021 William F. Nolan Dick Lupoff, Pat Lupoff
2022 George W. Price August Derleth
2023 Michael Moorcock, Will Murry Ken Kelly, Conrad H. Ruppert

Award 1963
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