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(August 1, 1914 – December 25, 2008)

Edward Daniel Cartier was a pulp magazine and book illustrator who specialized in humorous science fiction and fantasy art.

Known professionally as Edd Cartier, he studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where one of his teachers was pulp artist H. W. Scott. Cartier graduated in 1936 and was hired by Street & Smith Publishers, where he went to work illustrating their various pulp magazines, including The Shadow. John W. Campbell, Jr., editor of Astounding Science Fiction, a Street & Smith publication, approached Cartier with an assignment for Unknown, a new fantasy magazine. Cartier illustrated "Sinister Barrier," the lead novel in the first issue of Unknown. He continued to do illustrations for Unknown and also did illustrations for other Street & Smith magazines, such as Doc Savage and Campbell's popular SF pulp Astounding Science Fiction. He also did one of the headers for “Brass Tacks,” the Astounding letter column.

Cartier served in World War II, and was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. After the War, he returned to the United States, again attended Pratt Institute, this time on the G. I. Bill, and received a BFA degree in 1953. He returned to Street & Smith and once again provided illustrations for Astounding. He also did illustrations for other prozines, including Other Worlds and Planet Stories. In addition to his magazine work, he illustrated books for some of the SF small press, principally Gnome Press and Fantasy Press. He also did calendars and book plates for these two publishers.

Relatively low pay for magazine and book work led Cartier to seek employment as a draftsman for engineering firms. He subsequently worked for 25+ years as an art director with a New Jersey manufacturer specializing in printing machinery.

He married in 1943, and he and his wife, Georgina, had two sons, Dean and Kenn, both born in the 1950s.

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