Sam Moskowitz Archive Award

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(Did you mean the I-CON Sam Moskowitz Award?)

The Sam Moskowitz Archive Award (named after SF personality Sam Moskowitz) is presented for excellence in science fiction collecting. The award has been presented by the First Fandom club since 1998.


Year Winner
1998 Christine Moskowitz
1999 Forrest J Ackerman
2000 Ray Beam
2001 Robert E. Weinberg
2002 Robert A. Madle
2003 James "Rusty" Hevelin
2004 no award given
2005 no award given
2006 no award given
2007 no award given
2008 Robert C. Peterson, Frank M. Robinson
2009 Joseph Wrzos
2010 no award given
2011 no award given
2012 Donn Albright
2013 Howard Frank
2014 Mike Ashley
2015 David Aronovitz
2016 Stephen D. Korshak, Ned Brooks
2017 Jon D. Swartz
2018 Hal W. Hall
2019 Bradford Lyau
2020 John Carter Tibbetts
2021 Kevin L. Cook
2022 Doug Ellis, Deb Fulton
2023 John L. Coker III

Award 1998
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