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(1941 --)

Halbert W. Hall, beginning in 1970, was a librarian at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX until he retired in 2010. He is on the editorial board of Extrapolation.

The wrote the bibliography and guide The Work of Chad Oliver, published by The Borgo Press in 1989, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index: 1985-1991 and the Science Fiction Book Review Index. The Reference Index series was computerized in 2000 and put online as Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database. As of 2017, it indexes just over 113,000 items about SF and fantasy.

In the 1980s he compiled a bibliography on the works of western writer Louis L'Amour.

He published a limited second edition of his bibliography and guide to the work of Sam Moskowitz in 2017. This bibliography consisted of 1480 items.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

He is a member of First Fandom. A brief biography of Hall was published in Scientifiction (New Series #57, 3rd Quarter, 2018).

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