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(February 11, 1948 – November 20, 2013)

Author, editor, and publisher Michael Roy Burgess, aka Robert Reginald, is best known for his critical essays and bibliographical work in the SF field, but he was also the author of several novels and short stories.

He founded and ran The Borgo Press, a small press that was a major publisher of critical works on SF. Established in 1975, it was funded by the royalties from his first major reference work, Stella Nova (1970), and named after the Borgo Pass, the gateway to Dracula's domain. It specialized in literature and history, and published 300 titles from 1976 to 1998.

He edited the Press's Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review. He helped found The J. Lloyd Eaton Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, located in the Special Collections & Archives Department at The University of California, Riverside.

He died of heart failure.

Entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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