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(Did you mean Joe Ross, a fan from Boston?)

(September 9, 1929 – April 7, 2023)

Joseph Wrzos was a fan and a professional editor. He was associate editor at Gnome Press, as well as editor of both Amazing Stories and Fantastic (as Joseph Ross) from August 1965 through early 1967. He oversaw both magazines’ move to mostly reprints and a bimonthly schedule while the publisher, Sol Cohen, refused to pay authors for the reprints, claiming he held the rights to them and leading to conflict with SFWA. Wrzos convinced Cohen to publish at least one new story in each issue of the magazines.

He edited the collections Best of Amazing, August Derleth's In Lovecraft's Shadow, and New Horizons. Ross also co-edited Seabury Quinn's Night Creatures, and Hannes Bok: A Life in Illustration. He was one of the consulting editors on the revenant (from 2012) Amazing Stories.

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