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(1953 --)

John L. Coker III is currently President of First Fandom and Editor/Publisher of Scientifiction: The First Fandom Report. As President he is responsible for maintaining the historic archive, preparing First Fandom displays for worldcons, and administering the First Fandom Hall of Fame awards..

For more than 25 years, hundreds of his genre photographs and articles have been published in magazines, newspapers, convention program books, on book covers, and in various mainstream publications such as The New York Times and USA Today Weekend. He has also been a regular reporter for the SF magazines Locus, SF Chronicle, and Tangent.

He edited three deluxe volumes for Days of Wonder Publishers: David A. Kyle: A Life of Science Fiction Ideas and Dreams (2006); Live Forever: Stories by Ray Bradbury and Friends (2008); and Tales of the Time Travelers: Adventures of Forrest J Ackerman and Julius Schwartz (2009).

John has provided essays, photographs and other material for several recent projects, including Mark Rich's biography of C. M. Kornbluth (McFarland Company, 2009); Jerad Walters' collection of short stories by Karl Edward Wagner (Centipede Press, 2010); The Forrest J Ackerman Oeuvre by Christopher M. O'Brien (McFarland Company, 2012); David J. Marchant's Official Memoir of Forrest J Ackerman (forthcoming); Super Boys -- The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster – The Creators of Superman by Brad Ricca (St. Martin's Press, 2013); and a documentary about Andre Norton. He also produced an illustrated booklet of articles for the Fantasy Amateur Press Association's 75th anniversary issue. Several of John's photographs were featured in Souvenir Book of World Fantasy Convention 2013.

His recent publications include Stories from the First Fandom Archives (2012), Stories from the First Fandom Archives, Vol. 2 (2013), and Stories from the First Fandom Archives, Vol.3 (2014). In 2014 he and Jon D. Swartz began a series of articles in Scientifiction honoring the surviving original members of First Fandom, Original Member Spotlight, beginning with David Kyle. He and Swartz also edited/published the 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019 First Fandom Membership Directories, and the First Fandom 2016 and 2018 Annuals. The First Fandom Annual 2019, on the life and work of David Kyle, was published in 2019 in two volumes.

He was elected to membership in CAPA in 2014, replacing Ben Singer.

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