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(August 27, 1915 – April 16, 1985)

Thomas L. Sherred was a science fiction writer from Michigan, tangentially active with Ann Arbor and Midwest fandom.

Sherred's stories were often set in Detroit and featured the down-to-earth laborers he knew through his mundane career in the automotive field, where he advanced from tool rooms to technical writing and public relations. He published few works of fiction, but his novella “E for Effort” (1947), about a time viewer, was voted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

Algis Budrys wrote, "With one story, ‘E for Effort,’ in the ASF of the wartime Forties, he handed the field such a knock that many old plinths are still loose in their sockets."

He wrote one novel, Alien Island (1970); an incomplete sequel was finished after his death by his friend Lloyd Biggle, Jr., and published as Alien Main.

T. L. was married to M. L. Sherred. His writing career ended in 1971 after he suffered a mild stroke, but he continued to attend fan gatherings and cons.

His papers are at the University of Kansas.

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