Where Old Fans Go To Die

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From Fancyclopedia 2 ca 1959
(Sneary:Laney) or any parody of this slogan has reference to FAPA, on account of the tenacity with which members clung to the roster toward the end of World War II. ("FAPA members never quit and rarely died.") Laney, struck by Sneary's coinage, stuck this phrase on the masthead of the FA during his OEship (1948). On gaining office, Sneary as VP banned usage of the phrase there or in any FAPAzine. "Why, I wonder?" wonders Burbee. "I suppose he decided that it wasn't as funny or as significant as we claimed."

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960: Sneary's term did not refer to the "tenacity with which members clung to the roster" -- in Winter 47-8 there was no waiting list at all. What he meant was that actifans who had produced important subzine work were withdrawing from this activity to spend their declining years (fannishly speaking) in FAPA. And "I wasn't VP [when I banned the phrase from FAPA appearance]" recollects Sneary, "but Prexy. I made many foolish rulings, like no one being allowed to read a FAPAzine before the mailing -- including its editor -- and appointing myself, at the end of my term, as FAPA's ex-vice-president for a term of 9 years, to run concurrent with Perdue (who was the ex-President for 10 years)."

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