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(1933 -- November 23, 2002)

Malcolm Ashworth became active in fandom in the 50s. He was a member of the Leeds Group and the Bradford Science Fiction Association.

He published the fanzines BEM (1954-1959) (with Tom White), Fringe, and Rot (1955-1963), revived briefly in 1984. He also wrote for other fanzines, including Hyphen and Cry. He attended many British conventions during the 50s.

In the 1950s he had a story accepted for publication in a woman's pulp magazine.

He was known for his encyclopedic knowledge of beers, and was a member of both OMPA (a founding member) and FAPA.

His wife Hazel was herself a major 1980s fanzine publisher with her fanzine Lip.

Ashworth lost the 1960 TAFF race to Eric Bentcliffe, though he doesn't seem to have been trying very hard because he published A Few Words About Bilbo Bentcliffe in support of his opponent!

His photo appears on page 153 of Harry Warner's A Wealth of Fable.

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