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(September 28, 1938 - January 27, 1968)

He was also known as Ronel and The Squirrel. The latter nickname was given to him early in his fannish career when older fans such as Rick Sneary repeatedly admonished him for his constant "chitterchatter." Ellik took to the nickname, describing his own writing style as "chitterchattery", and Terry Carr had Bjo do cartoons of him depicted as a good-humored squirrel.

He was co-editor with Carr of Fanac, which won a 1959 Best Fanzine Hugo. (He also helped produce some hoax issues of Fanac.) And Fanac also included their An Egoboo a Day from All Over.

He published Starspinkle (and also published his own hoax issue, Starfink as by Nor Kille).

He was one of the co-editors of Shangri L'Affaires in 1962 with Al Lewis (and published two Shangri-L'Affaires Holiday Art Supplements. He also published A Propos Du Barean (with Jim Caughran) and Dolor (with Dave Rike, Carl Brandon, and Terry Carr.) He helped produce The Incompleat Burbee.

He published Fafhrd for FAPA and had long service as an officer. He also published Barean, FANtastic Story Magazine, Larean, Nomad, Hirondel, Malignant, We Live in a Fanzine Factory (with Al Lewis), and Hirondel, He apparently liked long titles and consequently published Amazing, thrilling, sexy, astounding, infamous, monsters of neferland and dull, dry, monotonous, analogged scientific fact nefer stories again (with Al Lewis), and Silver Spring Science Fiction, Root Beer and Go Association.

He was inducted into the Order of St. Fantony in 1962. He was a member of LASFS, the N3F, and the Golden Gate Futurian Society. He was one of the Berkeley Bhoys. He was a member of IPSO and N'APA.

He was known as a hitch-hiker having hitch-hiked -- age 17! -- from LA to NYcon II the Worldcon in New York. Two years later he hitchhiked to Midwestcon 9 in Cincinnati. He played the role of Wrai Ballard, the Musquite Kid, in Unicorn Productions' The Musquite Kid Rides Again

He co-wrote The Universes of E. E. Smith with Bill Evans which was published by Advent in 1966 . He also had some fiction published professionally, and co-authored a Man from UNCLE novelization.

He won TAFF in 1961, beating Dick Eney for the 1962 TAFF trip and wrote a trip report called The Squirrel's Tale which was published posthumously by Bruce Pelz.

He died when his car skidded off an icy road in Wisconsin shortly before he was to marry Lois Lavender in St. Paul. See S. F. Weekly #215 for details. He was remembered at the annual Ellik-Jacobs Memorial Wine & Cheese Party.

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