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(1) Australian fan

Australian fan. Founding member of both ANZAPA and the Nova Mob. HonSec of the Eighth Australian Science Fiction Convention (the eighth Australian Natcon) in 1969. Secretary of Aussiecon in 1975. Awards administrator for the Australian Science Fiction Foundation. Life Member of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club. Founder of Meteor Incorporated. DUFF delegate in 2013. Recipient of A. Bertram Chandler Award in 2017.

Fanzines: Interstellar Ramjet Scoop, The Antipodean Areopagus, The Planet of the Eggs, The Wright Stuff, Aussie Transpacific, Waiting for Paul J. Stevens Fanzine.

Bill Wright (DUFF) and Jim Mowatt (TAFF) visiting New Orleans Fandom September 2013

(2) American artist

American artist who did cover art for issue 63 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

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Also involved with: COMORG - Fanthology 2013 - It Happened in Vegas - James Allen - Melbourne Science Fiction Club Achievement Award - Paul J. Stevens - WOOF
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