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(September 30, 1924 ā€“ )

Elinor Busby, a Seattle fan, was the first woman to win a Hugo Award, as co-editor of Cry of the Nameless, which won the 1960 Best Fanzine Hugo. (It was also nominated for the 1959 Best Fanzine Hugo and the 1962 Best Fanzine Hugo.) She was a member of the Cry Crowd, and, of course the Nameless Ones.

A prominent fanzine editor of the 1950sā€“1960s, she received a FAAn Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2013 at Corflu XXX.

Elinor was on the committee of Seacon, the 1961 Worldcon. She was also a member of the Cascade Regional Amateur Press Association, Lilapa, Apassembly, and APANAGE.

She was married to fellow fan F. M. Busby.

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Photo. Her photo also appears on page 218 of Harry Warner's history of SF fandom, A Wealth of Fable (1992).

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