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(January 7, 1926 -- November 16, 2013)

Australian fan, bibliographer, collector, and small press publisher. Founder of the Australian Science Fiction Society and member (holding multiple offices) of the Futurian Society of Sydney. Co-author, with Royce Williams, of Zero Equals Nothing. Winner of 1999 A. Bertram Chandler Award. After his death, his collection was donated to the Fisher Library at Sydney University.

For more information see Issue 34 of Mumblings from Munchkinland.

Bibliographical works include:

  • An index to the Australian science fiction magazines. part one. Thrills incorporated, Future science fiction, Popular science fiction, Orbit science fiction (1955), self-published
  • An index to the Australian science fiction magazines. pt.2 : the magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1-9), Selected Science Fiction, Science Fiction Monthly (1958), Futurian Society of Sydney
  • Australian Science Fiction Index, 1925-1967 (1967), Australian Science Fiction Association
  • Australian Science Fiction Index: Supplement 1968/1975 (1976), Australian Science Fiction Association
  • Index to British science fiction magazines, 1934-1953 (1977-1980), Australian Science Fiction Association
  • Australian Science Fiction Bibliography, 1948 - 1999 (2004, revised 2010), Graham Stone.

Fanzines: Notes on Australian Science Fiction, Past, Present & Future, Science Fiction Courier, Australian Science Fiction Monthly, Science Fiction News, Stopgap

Books published include:

  • The Inner Domain by Phil Collas (1989)
  • Lords of the Serpent Land by Alan Connell (1991)
  • The Burlesque of Frankenstein: Or, The Man-Gorilla by George Isaacs (1994)
  • The Temple of Sähr by William T. Pearson (1994) (originally published as by William Pengreep)
  • Tarzan On Mars by John Bloodstone (1995)
  • Time Marches Off by John Winton Heming (1997) (originally published as by Paul de Wreder)
  • Notes on Australian Science Fiction by Graham Stone (2001)
  • Australian Science Fiction Bibliography, 1948 - 1999 by Graham Stone (2004, revised 2010)
  • A History of Australian Science Fiction Fandom, 1935-1963 by Vol Molesworth (2009)
  • The Germ Growers by Robert Potter (2011)

Sydney Morning Herald Obituary (IA)

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