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A club in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, also known as Sydney Futurians. It existed in two distinct chunks, from 1939 to sometime in the mid-late 50s and again from 1994 to the present.

Its first official meeting was held 5 November 1939. It was officially disbanded in November 1942 due to the War, but revived in 1947. For a time right after WW II it admitted foreign members and during that time they called themselves the Auslans.

At the time of the Third Australian Science Fiction Convention, held in 1954, the club had a clubroom at 3rd floor, 124 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Issue 25 of Etherline reports a visit by Robert Heinlein to the FSS clubroom on Saturday 20th February 1954.

They published the Futurian Society News from 1953-1955.

The editorial of issue 85 of The Mentor reports a revival of the Futurian Society of Sydney in 1994, with a first meeting on 22 April of that year.

The 1990's revival of the Futurian Society of Sydney saw monthly meetings held circularly at a variety of fans' homes, as organised by Graham Stone. Leigh Blackmore often hosted meetings at his home in Leichhardt. Later in the 1990's meetings were moved to a regular venue within the University of Technology, Sydney. Regular attendees included Peter Eisler, Glayne Louise Blackmore, Ian Woolf, Graham Stone, Ron L. Clarke, Kevin Dillon and others including John August and David Bofinger.

Fanzines: The Sydney Futurian, Futurian Observer (2010 -)

Archives of some meetings (IA)

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