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Nicknamed Bjohn and husband of Bjo Trimble, John has helped her in almost all of her SF activities, including Project Art Show.

He was GoH at ConJose, the 2002 Worldcon.

He is a member of SRPL, LASFS (and has served in offices), ISL, The Petards, the N3F, and the SCA. He chaired Westercon 23 and co-chaired Westercon 18. He helped found the Trans Oceanic Fan Fund, was a member of the PanPacificon Worldcon bid, and lived in the Fan Hilton. He worked on Equicon, chairing one.

He co-founded the LASFS clubzine, De Profundis and was one of the editors of Shangri-L'Affaires. He also edited To the Stars.

Bruce Pelz published A Fanzine for Bjohn in his honor when he married Bjo.

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