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(May 26, 1925 - December 31, 2005)

Howard DeVore was a longtime Detroit-area fan and huckster, who started collecting in 1936 and became active in fandom in 1948. When he went off to fight in World War II, he padlocked his collection in a room in his parents' house to ensure it would be safe, and took the key with him. (Smart man...)

He was scheduled to be the Fan GoH at L.A.con IV, the 2006 Worldcon, but died before the convention.

He described himself as a "huckster, first-class" and was known as Big Hearted Howard ... but don't let the name fool you... (He was called Dirty-Trick DeVore in The Game of Fandom.)

Starting in 1948 he was a member of Michigan Science-Fantasy Society (MSFS), The Misfits. He attended every Midwestcon from its start. His wake was held at Midwestcon. Active member and sometime Official Editor of the Spectator Amateur Press Society (SAPS), and also an active member of the FAPA and the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society (PEAPS). Until 2005 he was the Election Results Teller and fanzine mailer for N3F, and also a member of First Fandom. He received a Neffy Award in 2006. He was also a longtime member of CAPA. When he died, he was replaced in CAPA, whose membership is limited to five full members, by Jon D. Swartz.

He was head of publicity for the 1959 Worldcon, Detention after announcing that "there will be a Worldcon in Detroit over my dead body." A few year later he was Associate Chairman for Detroit for the 1966 Worldcon, Tricon, a joint bid by Cleveland (where it was held), Detroit, and Cincinnati. He was one of the founders of Marcon. He was a member of the Detroit in '85 NASFiC bid.

With Donald Franson, he produced several editions of their book on SF/fantasy awards, the latest (The Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Awards,) was published by Advent in 1998. The book was a nominated for 1999 Best Related Book Hugo. He published the fanzines Collector, Grandfather Stories and Harpies. He co-edited Ompalog for OMPA.

He was active in the Science Fiction Oral History Association.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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